Hypha Studio, Devonshire Arcade, Penrith

In September 2021 Ceri was awarded a residency in Devonshire Arcade Penrith.  by Hypha Studios.  The residency is ongoing .

Cumbria Institue of the Arts

In 2009 Ceri was selected for a printmaking residency at Cumbria Institute of the Arts.   

Corpus Christi College, Oxford

In 2014 Ceri  was invited to take up a residency at the college. which was followed up with a solo exhibition at the college    She was invited back   to produce a series of paintings for the college. 

Alexander Fleming Museum

As a result of a residency with the Fleming Museum, St Mary's Hospital, Paddington.  Ceri's painting of Alexander Fleming's laboratory was purchased for the hospital. 

NCCA Kronstadt, St Petersburgh

In 2014 Ceri was awarded a n NCCA residency  at Kronstadt , St Petersburgh. 

Demi paradise Productions

In 2016 Ceri was awarded a residency with theatrical group Demi-Paradise Productions as they rehearsed and staged   a production of 'Measure for Measure' at Lancaster Castle.  This was followed by an exhibition of work produced.